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Sewing Basics #2: Finding Fabric and Thrift Flips

Finding Fabric Fabric is obviously an important part of learning how to sew. Besides going to the craft store, I will tell you how you can find fabric cheaper and more sustainably.  Honestly, I've never bought fabric at a craft store. Praise the Lord, I've never needed to. When I was younger, one of my mom's friends gave us some fabric that she didn't use. She gave us 2 trash bags full of random fabrics along with 2 rolls of leather(for some reason).We also used T-shirts and old clothes to make clothes for our dolls. Amazingly, we still have some of the original fabric left. My next fabric haul was from my cousin's grandmother who heard that I liked sewing. She and her quilting friends supplied me with so, so much fabric. Now, I never need to buy fabric. Occasionally, I'll see some fabric that I like(mostly sheets) at a thrift store, but I've only gotten some twice or so. My stash Thrift Stores Going to thrift stores can be like a treasure hunt.  Sheets and

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